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topics are fun

- i want a nintendo ds SO BADLY. i went to fnac with leandro the other day and they had two exposed so 20-year-old kids such as ourselves could play. long story short, i stayed there for about three hours. i'll probably steal one of those to myself and go to jail. which is fine, as long as i can take it with me.
- the last two weeks have been pretty rough. ups and downs times 164. i've had enough of it: this time i am really seeking for help. professional help, that is.
- it's so weird. as i was telling someone yesterday, at the same time i'm having what is certainly the best year of my life so far, i can't think of a day (or rather a week) that i didn't cry myself to sleep and felt pathetically lonely. being unstable sucks arse. like, right now: i'm procrastinating by writing this entry. in about an hour or so, i'll be freaking out because i'll be awake when everyone else is asleep and it'll get in the way of me finishing my politics paper due on monday that i should be working on.
- as i posted on their page on last.fm, the racounteurs > the white stripes.
- i've been downloading songs and movies like whoa. the bad part is that the no-megabytes-transfer-limit dream ends in february. i hate this fucking neighborhood that is so far away from civilization that got me stuck with adsl and zero possibility of cable connection. fuuuuuuuck.
- i never thought i'd ever like pink floyd. but i actually sort of do.
- i got my hopes up because i thought next semester would be all about studying what i want in college (which excludes anthropological analisys of indians, eskimos or any other social groups that can be tagged as weird), but it won't be so.
- i won't be getting the digital camera i wanted for christmas, after all. i should have saved up instead of spending all my money on cocaine (that's what my dumb parents think i spent my money on, for real).
- i've been posting a lot of stuff in private because i'm tired of sharing my whining.
- i miss being the bright kid. i've always studied in lame schools, so it wasn't so hard to get better grades than everyone else. tests were my monthly ego boost. now they are my bi-monthly "this is hard".
- whenever i write in english, i feel like i lost precious time on that english course. what i know right now is the same i knew before it. at least it was a quick one.
- i'm going to do a job interview next tuesday. good vibrations are appreciated. i really need the job (by job, i mean money). the salary is about one (brazilian) grand, it's more than i could ever hope, considering i have no qualifications whatsoever.

are we talkative today?

lyrics hunt [16/06/06]
Step 1: Put your Winamp or equivalent on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarassing.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

(when the first line was the title of the song, i ommited it)

1. eu encontrei quando não quis mais procurar o meu amor.
último romance - los hermanos (kissthebride_)

2. i was floating on a stream.
it's our job - sondre lerche

3. i need to be myself, i can't be no one else.
supersonic - oasis (wheresbed)

4. darling, what'cha gonna do now?
forever lost - the magic numbers (kissthebride_)

5. ...solidão não cura com aspirina.
meu amor, minha flor, minha menina - zeca baleiro (kissthebride_)

6. ...and you're so sweet, you make me hard, you make me weak.
love is strong - rolling stones

7. it isn't very difficult to see why you are the way you are.
heal over - kt tunstall

8. something's on my mind, it's been for quite some time.
f.o.d. - green day (beastlybit)

9. breaking rocks in the hot sun.
i fought the law - clash

10. you say you want a revolution...
revolution - beatles (marinarama)

11. i want you to know he's not coming back.
knives out - radiohead (ohgeorge)

12. they say an end can be a start.
if i ever feel better - phoenix

13. i've got wheels of polished steel.
satan is my motor - cake (ohgeorge)

14. stinky weather, fat shaky hands.
little wonder - david bowie (captmouffette)

15. você pensa que faz o que quer... não faz.
tribunal de causas realmente pequenas - pato fu

16. não existiria som se não houvesse o silêncio.
certas coisas - lulu santos (kissthebride_)

17. era mais um dia, um dia de céu azul.
o céu, o sol e o mar - mombojó (kissthebride_)

18. i heard there was a secret chord.
hallelujah - jeff buckley

19. você era a mais bonita das cabrochas dessa ala.
quem te viu, quem te vê - chico buarque (kissthebride_)

20. how long, how long will i slide?
otherside - red hot chili peppers (wheresbed)

21. like a fool i went and stayed too long.
signed, sealed, delivered - stevie wonder (wheresbed)

22. ...babe i couldn't even find the door.
if not for you - bob dylan/george harrison

23. you move like i want to.
digital bath - deftones (beastlybit)

24. millionaire say got a big shot deal.
miss you love - silverchair (corrija)

25. well, i guess it would be nice if i could touch your body.
faith - george michael (wheresbed)

26. ...i can't forget the time or place where we just met.
i've just seen a face - beatles

27. darling, you gotta let me know.
should i stay or should i go - clash (captmouffette)

28. ...eu nem sinto meus pés no chão.
ando meio desligado - pato fu (kissthebride_)

29. i've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots
the sound of settling - death cab for cutie (corrija)

30. você partiu e me deixou sem lamentar o que passou.
um branco, um xis, um zero - cássia eller

31. mira los karnako, me gusta tóquio.
estamos adorando tóquio - karnak

32. don't you worry 'bout what's on your mind, oh my.
let's spend the night together - rolling stones

33. i'm becoming less defined as days go by.
only - nine inch nails

34. one in a million, two is a crowd.
the night i lost my head - maxïmo park (wahzombie)

35. sente este samba quente que é muito legal.
16 toneladas - funk como le gusta (kissthebride_)

36. i recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone.
you learn - alanis morissette (captmouffette)

37. london calling, speak the slang now.
galang - m.i.a. (kissthebride_, wheresbed and beastlybit)

38. ... me perdoe amor, mas não pude conter.
menti pra você, mas foi sem querer - pato fu (kissthebride_)

39. you say you stand by your man.
train in vain - clash (beastlybit)

40. if i could stick my pen in my heart...
it's only rock n roll - rolling stones

41. ..."how come someone hasn't noticed that i'm dead and decided to bury me?"
what she said - smiths (hellololla)

42. ...play me a song to set me free.
get me away from here, i'm dying - belle & sebastian (sundayave)

43. procurando bem, todo mundo tem pereba.
ciranda da bailarina - chico buarque (kissthebride_)

44. por onde vou guiar o olhar que não enxerga mais.
horizonte distante - los hermanos (kissthebride_)

45. desculpe, estou um pouco atrasado.
por onde andei - nando reis (missxulia)

46. we're caught in a trap, i can't walk out.
suspicious minds - elvis presley

47. her face is a map of the world, is a map of the world.
suddenly i see - kt tunstall (hellololla)

48. eyes, boring a way through me
this fire - franz ferdinand (sundayave)

49. ...don't make it bad - take a sad song and make it better.
hey jude - beatles (kissthebride_, wheresbed and marinarama)

50. i need your arms around me, i need to feel your touch.
never there - cake (tropicalcracker)
51 etc

ugly cd cover

oh yeah, i forgot. this journal is mostly friends only.
55 etc

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